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GeoTrust True BusinessID® with EV

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Features and Benefits
Provides highest level
of web site identity
verification to help
foil phishing.

Increases customer
confidence to
maximize online
sales potential.

Assures customers of
the web site's true identity

by displaying the green
address bar and
the organization and
GeoTrust names in
high-security browsers.

Provides up to 256-bit
SSL encryption.

Enables EV interface
for IE7 on
Windows XP clients
with EV Upgrader™

Includes a True Site

Seal identity
verification - embedded
company name/date/time

Boost your online sales with new Extended Validation Certificates.
Help protect your site from phishing scams and increase your customer transactions with True BusinessID with EV. True BusinessID with EV comes with the highest levels of identity authentication, up to 256-bit encryption, and the GeoTrust True Site® seal, to help maximize your Internet security coverage and online sales potential.

Increased customer confidence means more transactions. Web sites secured with an EV certificate display a green address bar to demonstrate to customers they have reached a highly authenticated site when viewed with high security browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 displays the green address bar and future releases of Firefox and Opera will also support this new feature. In addition to the green address bar, an adjoining field displays both the names of the organization that owns the Web site and the CA that issued the certificate, GeoTrust. These enhanced interface features are immediately visible and help assure customers they are on their intended Web site and not on a fraudulent site.

Extended Validation features help foil phishing. True BusinessID with EV certificates require the most thorough identity authentication process performed today in order to be sure that any organization certified exists . The green address bar displaying the organization's name and GeoTrust as the Certification Authority is difficult for a malicious site to imitate. These two core aspects of the EV standard combine to create a strong defense against phishing scams.

Help your customers gain the security of the green address bar. True BusinessID with EV comes with EV Upgrader™ , the first technology to "upgrade" all IE7 on Windows XP clients to turn their browser address bar green when they visit your EV certified Web site. EV Upgrader is available through the GeoTrust True Site Seal, and allows the widest set of browsers to display EV SSL's unique interface conventions. CAs that offer EV certificates without EV Upgrader functionality cannot guarantee that all IE7 clients will experience the benefits of EV SSL.

Protect your customers with strong encryption and reassure them with a verification seal. True BusinessID with EV is a next-generation web trust service that combines SSL certificates that enable up to 256-bit encryption and an identity verification seal in a single bundle. That means a new level of online security for your customers and a potential increase in business activity and revenue generated by your Web site. (The level of encryption achieved depends on the customer's browser and the cipher suite installed on your web server.)

Built upon existing SSL protocol, True BusinessID with EV is backward-compatible with browsers and servers available prior to the establishment of the Extended Validation standard. These older browsers will present the new EV SSL certificates the same way as traditional SSL certificates.

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