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Geotrust Wildcard Certificate

Wildcard certificates can save you time and money in acquiring and managing multiple server certificates. Wildcard certificates can secure multiple fully qualified domains if they share the same base domain name and reside on the same physical server and share the same second level domain name.

For example, if you need to secure the following websites:

and all of these websites are hosted on the same server box, you can purchase and install one wildcard certificate issued to * to secure all these sites. The number of sub domains that you can use the wildcard certificate to secure is unlimited, for example, the same certificate can be used every time you add a new sub domain to If you need to span the wildcard certificate across multiple physical servers, you may purchase additional licenses.

True BusinessID Wildcard
Provides end-to-end internet security protection for doing business online. Secure transactions through SSL and business validation from True Site® - so you're completely covered.
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Power Server ID Wildcard
A global digital certificate that provides the highest level of browser compatibility and web security for mobile and networked environments.

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